Not so long ago, the fashion was to move volume production overseas, and particularly to India and China, mainly for lower prices.

Two out of three of our latest projects however are showing a reverse of this trend with either tooling coming back, or new upgraded tooling being produced by our Sister Company Turnell & Odell Ltd not due to price, but because of cost.

Prices have certainly risen in the Far East recently, and quality has sometimes been a casualty in the fight to keep increases down. Containers are often in transit for 35 – 45 days, and in the case of continuous production, the first thing a customer knows about a problem is when the container arrives at their warehouse, to be followed by 4 or 5 more all paid by letter of credit before something can be rectified. Even when there is no problem with quality, design or even simple things like colour changes take a long time to come through a deep sea pipeline, all of which can result in lost sales and poor profit performance once all those factors are taken into account.

If you are planning a new project, and think you need to go offshore for the best offer, we would be very pleased if you would give us a try first, as I think you will be very pleasantly surprised at the overall cost, coupled with excellent service, fast transport links, design and project management, tool making and good old fashioned face to face contact.

We are very proud to be flying the flag for Brighouse.

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