At Crompton Mouldings we are always looking for ways to jump into the future and better the experience for our customers and our employees, with that said we have now purchased a SLA 3D Resin Printer!

How it works
SLA is short for stereolithography. A laser traces a pattern onto liquid resin and hardens it. The object is raised and another layer is cured atop the last. SLA printers use a variety of orientations and methods but the basic mechanisms remain the same.

Our Applications
With this new advancement in our technology at Crompton Mouldings we will be making the most of the new printer by offering our customers a more detailed 3D model of their product as well as being able to print our own inserts & tool samples to test sizing and accuracy before sending them off to be cast out of steel or aluminium

Check out the video below showing our first couple of test prints!