Volume Production

Here at Crompton Mouldings we pride ourselves on being the UK’s leading rotational moulding company by achieving the highest of standards. Our business model is based around quality people, high specification equipment and first class efficiency. We enjoy long term planning, understanding customer schedules and delivering exactly what the customer wants on the day that he requires it!

The strategy of our Company is to focus on select high volume products based on solid customer partnerships. We embrace long term planning strategies with our customers, working to their scheduled requirements to deliver the right product at the right time – every time.


Why Choose Our Service

We have a variety of machines within our 37,000 sq ft factory to manufacture a huge range of products. We operate 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Our “add on service” section carries all kinds of support functions including complex assembly, welding, electrical fitting, pneumatic testing, foam filling and lots more! So whether you require singular units or 200 per week per tool we can help?

“The stimulated working environment ensures the people within our organisation are constantly improving the status quo, they are safe, have energy, support each other, work as a team, are well trained, motivated, rewarded and valued, enabling quality contributions at all levels.”