Crompton Mouldings has a clear vision for future growth that is spearheaded by the unique range of services which offer turnkey customers solutions. Investment in machinery and efficient manufacturing techniques demonstrate continuous improvements as profits are continuously re invested. The ongoing development of its dedicated team and excellent relationships with all its publics are key to its success.

  • Growth is key.
  • investing in new & old machinery.
  • Dedicated team that want to succeed.
  • Having an excellent relationship with customers.

Crompton Mouldings is recognized throughout the industry for having excellent relationships with its public’s including customers, competitors and suppliers. Its strategy of developing strong business partnerships and strategic niche acquisitions has ensured its year on year expansion is consistently in line with its clear strategic goals.  All that encounter the business are treated with the utmost respect.  Working for and dealing with Crompton Mouldings is both demanding, rewarding and enjoyable.

Its excellent customer service, 24 hours a day is a testimony to the dedicated workforce whose expertise, in understanding Key Customers needs results in added value support to deliver turnkey projects on time and to budget. Customers can choose all or some of its offerings that begin with innovative design options and end with full storage and logistics around the world.

Product Design – Tool Design – Tool Manufacture – Product Prototyping – Volume production – Test – Storage and Logistics.

The stimulating working environment ensures the people within our organisation are constantly improving the status quo, they have energy, support each other, work as a team, are well trained, motivated, rewarded and valued, enabling quality contributions at all levels. Our culture is inspirational and one of continued self- challenge based on the expectation that everything we do is done to the highest standard.

We are a secure, well managed, debt free organisation that continues to sensibly grow.  Sales growth, cash generation and profitability exceed the industry norm every year which allows for consistent annual business investment in training, state of the art machinery and improved manufacturing techniques. Crompton Mouldings offer exceptional value for money.

Culture Definition.

The Culture of our Business is formed from the things we all do naturally, every day without even having to think about it. It is something that we all believe in and it defines the atmosphere in which we work and the beliefs and values that we hold to make our Business Successful and our jobs rewarding and enjoyable.

Culture & Vision