Embracing sustainable transformation means developing new expertise and innovating them effectively in the marketplace. This change is already happening and the result will be the creation of a sustainability industry, the creation of jobs and additional GDP. Lee Collinson reports.

“Climate change is here, now, today.”

“A shift to clean growth is necessary and unavoidable. And it will be revolutionary, changing fundamentally what is demanded, what is produced, how, and where.”

Original From: https://www.themanufacturer.com/articles/the-future-of-uk-industry-is-leaner-greener-and-cleaner/

Here at Crompton Mouldings we have a dedicated environmental team r​un by Ryan Anderson our Environmental ​Champion & factory team ​leader. His environmental role ​includes promoting and monitoring our new greener initiative which he ​is implementing.

Some of the ways Crompton Mouldings has pushed itself to be more eco-friendly and lower are carbon footprint as a manufacturer are listed below:

  • Recycling our own scrap powder and products.
  • Using rain water to flush out our toilet facilities.
  • Pressurised tap addons to reduce water flow and wastage.
  • Exchange our gas powered forklift truck for an all electric forklift truck.
  • Planting trees in and around the factory/office.

Crompton Mouldings are constantly pushing to become more eco-friendly, as a UK manufacturer this is crucial for not only us but for the environment!