Crompton mouldings in-house designers of the Pathfinder Grit Bin did not want to install an unsightly metal clasp  to the outside of the grit bin but instead have integrated a built-in locking mechanism that can easily be used with a standard padlock.

With our mould-in graphics you can customise or have your company’s own branding on the Pathfinder Grit Bin. With the graphics/branding moulded into the product this will keep the graphics from scratching/peeling off.

The pathfinder grit bin is created from a process called rotational moulding, require a low-density polyethylene powder to be cooked and melted into a mould where after this powder cools creates a one of a kind lockable grit bin. Robust and weatherproof, the Pathfinder salt bins are capable of holding large volumes of Grit, Salt or Sand. Easily accessible by shovel or bucket meaning that gritting your yard, path or road can be handled quickly.

200L Grit Bin

  • Width: 950mm
  • Height: 640mm
  • Depth: 550mm
  • Weight: 11KG
  • Capacity: 8 x 25kg Grit Bags

400L Grit Bin

  • Width: 1195mm
  • Height: 791mm
  • Depth: 741mm
  • Weight: 20KG
  • Capacity: 16 x 25kg Grit Bags

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