Things are moving on a pace at Crompton Mouldings Ltd. Not only have we expanded our moulding capacity to ensure we stay at the forefront of the latest available technology, offering the best quality, accurate component manufacture and great old fashioned service. We have substantially updated and increased our assembly operation, offering full service product assembly using either your free issue components, or sourced by our Team to your specification. Full packaging, labeling, electrical testing can all be done in a carefully controlled environment, as well as direct shipments to take the pressure away from Customers to let them get on with the important parts of serving their Clients, assured in the knowledge that their products are manufactured to their specification, and worthy of the Branding.

We have taken on a new warehousing facility, to aid component storage, many of which arrive containerized from the Far East or Indian subcontinent, and have a very smart new Transit Truck plying between sites making a very efficient operation.

We have accelerated the training program, in addition to new recruitment and are proud to see our Team moving upwards withing the organisation into well deserved roles. Many of our Team have been with us for many years, and are experts in their fields. This is a perfect platform when moving into a more managerial role as they understand exactly what can be done, and how to do it. Combined with Internal and External Training programs, this is a very exciting time for us, and it is really nice to see the opportunities come to fruition.

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